4 Cities: Prague, Budapest, Moscow & St Petersburg: October

Tale of 4 Cities (Prague, Budapest, Moscow & St Petersburg): 2 to 16 October

Titch has led several tours to Russia and its former Iron Curtain countries, but our very successful tour in 2016 was our first to include all four of these beautiful, indeed stunning cities.

We plan to go again in October 2017, flying into Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, followed by a spell in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, then Moscow, the current political and economic heartland of Russia and ending with St Petersburg, the old imperial capital of Russia .

The tour is designed to provide an “undergraduate introduction” to the 4 cities and allows sufficient opportunity to sight see, and for ballet/concert outings, particularly in cultural Russia.

Titch invites you to contact us if this tour appeals to you, to enable us to keep you informed on developments, without any obligation on your part.

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