Art and History of Egypt

Art and History of EgyptDiscover Egypt’s rich history, monument and artwork with this beautiful volume. Its detailed texts and superb historical and artistic illustrations and maps provide an overview of the fascinating masterpieces of the country. This illustrated large-format book will provide you with fond memories of your last trip to Egypt or inspire you to plan your next vacation.

Egypt – Lonely Planet

Egypt - Lonely PlanetThis book includes extensive Nile Valley information, such as the best ways to visit the temples and tombs- useful travel tips for journeying to the oases of the Western Desert- Cairo revealed: home to millions and a centre of the Arab and African worlds- details on Egypt’s history and how it relates to today’s visitor


EthiopiaWhile the world taps its feet, Ethiopia breakdances with its shoulders – and Bradt’s Ethiopia is the most thorough guide available to this vibrant land of majestic landscapes, rich history and welcoming people. Its blend of enthusiasm and down-to-earth advice has attracted rave reviews from both the travel press and readers.

Ethiopia’s Hidden Treasures

Ethiopias Hidden TreasuresThis is a most valuable book, a record of the decoration of eighteen of Ethiopia’s churches, some much visited, others not, but all of the greatest interest. There are general chapters on the country, on the architecture of its churches, on its Christianity and saints, and on the Jesuit interlude, but the bulk of the book is on the mural paintings of the selected churches, with extensive illustration and plans wall by wall.

Luxor: Valley of Kings, Queens, Nobles, Artisans

LuxorEnglish Edition, 160 Colour Illustrations of many tombs

Masterpieces of the Egyptian Museum



Spectrum Guide to Seychelles


The Book of the Dead – Famous Egyptian Papyri

The-Book-of-the-DeadIn this book all the vignettes from the Papyri of Ani, Hunefer and Anhai are reproduced, for the first time, in full color photographs. These three papyri rank among the most superb specimens of a collection of Egyptian funerary texts which, for the past 130 years, has been known by the title Book of the Dead.The Book of the Dead, of which we here present three beautiful individual specimens, is a document of great importance, in the light of the renewal of interest in the civilization of ancient Egypt; it also sheds interesting light on our own modern concern with death.

The Holy Family in Egypt

The Holy Family in EgyptThis book, first published in 1963, is the classic account of the traditions surrounding the flight of the Holy Family into and through Egypt. It has been compiled from both Eastern and Western sources, including both Muslim and Christian traditions, written and oral. The author has included an attempted reconstruction of the route taken by the Holy Family and retells the stories of their encounters along the way.

The Legacy of Ancient Egypt

The-Legacy-of-Ancient-EgyptThis comprehensive and lavishly illustrated book unwraps the layered shroud of history to reveal both Egypts: the real land of kings and queens, officials and craftsmen, archaeologists and tomb-robbers; and the Egypt of the imagination, which has had a hold on Western culture since its origins in classical Greece – a hold that shows no sign of diminishing.

The Peninsula of Sinai

The Peninsula of Sinai