Access in Israel & the Palestine Authority

Access in IsraelFar from an easy place to research access, Gordon Couch did a top-notch job covering accommodation and getting around Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and the north coast, Galilee, Upper Gallilee, Be’er Sheva, the Negev and Eilat. The top 20 sights are well covered and readers will receive a good grounding in what to expect whether it’s the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock, and Al-Aqsa, the Church oof the Nativity, Masada, The Jewish Quarter and the Arab Souk in the Old City, Gaza and more.

Aung San of Burma

Aung San of BurmaAung San Suu Kyi, the famed Novel Prize-winning heroine of Democracy in Burma, wrote this short biography about her father in honor of someone considered one of the heroes of Burmese independence.

Cambodia & Laos

Cambodia & LaosCambodia and Laos opened their doors to tourists in the late 80s and, while at first a destination frequented by backpackers and thrill seekers, its appeal has grown ever since. Blessed with stunning scenery and one of the best cultural sights in the world, Angkor, both countries now attract cultural sight-seekers and adventurous hikers, with their unbeatable combination of stunning temples and unspoiled countryside ideal for hiking, water sports, bird watching, and mountain biking.

Ghost Train to the Eastern Star

Ghost Train to the Eastern StarHalf a lifetime ago, Paul Theroux virtually invented the modern travel narrative by recounting his grand tour by train through Asia. In the three decades since, the world he recorded in that book has undergone phenomenal change. The Soviet Union has collapsed and China has risen; India booms while Burma smothers under dictatorship; Vietnam flourishes in the aftermath of the havoc America was unleashing on it the last time he passed through. In Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Theroux re-creates that earlier journey.

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar-(Burma)“’This is Burma,’ wrote Rudyard Kipling. ‘It is quite unlike any place you know about.’ How right he was: more than a century later Myanmar remains a world apart.” – John Allen, Lonely Planet Writer

The Killing Fields (The film of the year)

The-Killing-Fields-(The-film-of-the-year)The killing fields is a story about war and horror, murder and terror but also about hope and friendship. The story emerges in the early 1970s in war torn Cambodia, where the communist Khmer Rouge are trying to overthrow the american backed government of Lon Nol.

The Zealots of Masada

The-Zealots-of-MasadaDescribes the excavation of Masada, Herod the Great’s stronghold built near the Dead Sea in 30 B.C

Vietnam & Angkor Wat

Vietnam & Angkor WatThis DK Eyewitness Travel Guide has been updated to include expanded hotel and restaurant listings, better maps, enhanced itineraries, and easier-to-read print.